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Lascaris Kitchens is a family owned and operated business based in Sydney with over 30 years experience.


As a family operated business we are able to guarantee each job undertaken is overseen by one of the companies owners from start to finish.

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Modern European Kitchen cabinets can provide the storage space and luxury aesthetics that your new, existing or upcoming custom kitchen space deserves.

Modern European kitchen cabinets improve not only the storage and visual appeal but ties together your overall custom kitchen design.

You can trust all of your custom European kitchen cabinet design, build and installation needs to the experts at Lascaris Kitchens.

We have decades of experience helping contractors, developers, and homeowners craft their dream kitchen, utilizing custom European cabinetry.

Our team will work through each step of your kitchen project from start until completion, creating a customized space that combines aesthetics with functionality and sustainability.


At Lascaris Kitchens we understand the importance of quality.

We deal exlusively with industry leading brands and suppliers.


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